If a driver falls asleep for just 4 seconds driving at 100km/h, the vehicle will travel an entire football field without the driver in control.

Business efficiency and profit are some of the essential requirements for success, but operating a profitable commercial transport or logistics business requires more. Your drivers are fundamental to this success and SAFETY has to be a key consideration. Even the most experienced drivers are not immune to fatigue and distraction and these two factors can have dire consequences, posing large risks to their personal safety and your business.

How can you influence the behaviour and efficiency of your drivers from the control room?

Guardian, by Seeing Machines, plays a pivotal role in protecting drivers and can assist you in preventing fatigue and distraction from happening in your vehicles. Guardian delivers an intelligent driver safety solution that uses in-cab sensors to monitor the driver’s levels of fatigue and distraction, in real time. With 24/7 monitoring and analytics services, this is a complete safety solution for commercial vehicles. The in-cab sensor monitors signs of fatigue or distraction, warns drivers through a set of alerts, providing protection in real-time. At the same time, managers are notified about the event and can take immediate action to manage the situation and keep their driver safe, straight away.