Frequently Asked Questions

Guardian tracks eye, face and head position to determine whether the driver is fatigued or distracted. If there are signs of fatigue or distraction detected, the system activates in-cab alerts.
As soon as the system detects a fatigue or distraction event.
If the event is verified as fatigue, the client gets notified in accordance with the agreed fatigue intervention plan (contact tree). If the event is a distraction event, management are able to view this at any time through Guardian Live.
Please note Guardian is NOT a CCTV. Guardian has the capability to store approximately 24 hours of data (including driver and forward-facing footage) for review if required. During driving operation, new data will overwrite the old data after 24 hours. In order to preserve information, the data will need to be removed as soon as possible or the system disconnected until the data can be removed. Seeing Machines does not guarantee that footage will be recoverable, in particular where power to the processor is disrupted.
Guardian captures duration of the event, speed of the vehicle at the time, distance travelled during the event, which alarms were activated, GPS location, video footage of the driver together with footage captured by the forward-facing camera (if installed).
NO. Guardian is not a CCTV and cannot be accessed remotely under any circumstances. Although the sensor is always on, Guardian does not record and store normal driving behaviour – the footage is only taken during the fatigue or distraction event.
Verified events are available to view in Guardian Live for up to 12 months.